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Chairs, tables, mirrors, and more - as envisioned by Switzer's own craftsmen. They're new and in their prime, but we have to say goodbye and make space for the next batch.

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Crafting the Exquisite
Since 1952
Guardians of Elegance

William Switzer’s three collections furnish a handful of exceptional spaces, throughout the world, designed by professionals with an eye for the exquisite. We honour the tradition of furniture as a work of art. Guided by established principles of taste, we create antique reproductions of furniture that has graced the most stately homes in European history.

It is my last wish to be buried sitting up.

Bette Davis
(we think she meant "on this sofa")

Bette Davis’ living room, furnished from the Charles Pollock Collection. 1974.

Beautiful Moments

These are heirloom pieces built not just to last, but to carry forward the stories within them. Guided by this commitment to continuity and longevity, we create works that are the very definition of timeless, keeping history’s most beautiful moments alive.

During the 1993 Vancouver Summits, Presidents Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin were seated in William Switzer Russian Shield Back Arm Chairs in English Cherry with gold leaf trim.

"Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends."

Beauty: A necessary luxury

Curated from history’s most refined periods, our three collections represent the work of western civilization’s most gifted artisans. Painstakingly handcrafted from luxury materials, each piece is a quiet triumph of the exquisite over the expedient.

William Switzer’s
Unerring Eye

Interior designer William Switzer was legendary for his refined taste. This line of reproductions has been inspired by the extraordinary antiques from his personal collection—some of European history’s most admired and storied pieces.

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Lucien Rollin’s
French Moderne Perfection

With a commitment to his craft that bordered on the obsessive, Lucien Rollin designed furniture as pleasing to the eye as it was to the contours of the body. His uncluttered aesthetic honours the integrity of the wood and other materials chosen.

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Charles Pollock’s
Eclectic Character

Charles Pollock’s reproductions from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries have been exaggerated and modified to suit modern spaces. The results exude warmth and character, with hand finishing that enhances the uniqueness of each piece.

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One does not make objects of beauty because it is convenient to do so.
Crafting beauty is a labour of love, a vocation that requires thousands of hours to learn the skills, adapt the eye, and perfect the techniques.

It is the relentless pursuit of getting the smallest details just so.

The Art of Craft

In William Switzer workrooms, everything is fashioned, fit, and finished by hand. A respect for tradition, for quality, and for the wood itself dictates our old-world approach to cabinetmaking: perfectly shaped peg and dowel construction, French polishing, precise marquetry, and complex inlays.

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Imagination Unlimited: Custom Collaborations

The real magic happens when our craftsmen collaborate with professional interior designers, customizing the pieces to follow a fresh creative vision. We can upholster with virtually any fabric you supply—and apply any paint, stain, trim, or finish you can imagine.

When a gracious object of art becomes refreshed by progressive creative thinking, the possibilities are endless. We invite your imagination to run wild.

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