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Where are the prices?

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Are shipping charges included in your price?

Not usually. Shipping costs are calculated separately, based on the ship-to location and type of service requested. Since our customers are located around the globe, FOB warehouse terms are fairest for all. Our Customer service centre will happily provide a shipping estimate based on your needs.

Is packing included in your price?

Absolutely. Our shipping department will ensure your order is securely packed for travel, and that cost is included.

Why does it take so long to manufacture?

Every frame is handcrafted in Spain or Italy, following traditional European woodworking techniques. Creating furniture to our artisans' exacting standards takes time. The raw frames are then shipped to Vancouver, where our local craftsmen apply the finishes to your specs. Some finishes require multiple steps, which can lengthen the process. Fine furniture is built to last, and creating quality takes time. That said, you can choose from the raw frames already stocked in our Vancouver warehouse, shortening your turnaround time considerably.

What are your production leadtimes?

For product that we carry in stock normal lead times are 6-8 weeks from receipt of sample approval and COM. Out of stock items and custom orders are a 16 -20 week lead time.

How can I place an order?

Please contact us at 1.323.962.0440 or Craft@WilliamSwitzer.com

What payments do you take?

We accept Cheques, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Debit, Paypal, and Union Pay.

What is an SFA?

Sample for Approval. With each order, we provide a wood finish sample for approval. SFA’s must be approved before we begin production. Once approved, the SFA is yours to keep. Our factory keeps a "control sample" in order to match your approved finish. Hardware samples are also available, where applicable, but these must be RETURNED to the factory after approval, before we begin production. Hardware samples for approval are not automatically provided. If you require one, please indicate it on your order.
Note: SFA's can be waived to expedite the order process.

Can I waive the SFA in order to begin production right away?

Yes. Simply indicate on your order "Waive sample for approval" and we will begin production right away. CFAs can be waived in a similar manner.

What is a CFA?

Cutting for Approval. For upholstery orders, we provide a fabric swatch that must be approved before we order your fabric.
Note: CFA's can be waived to expedite the order process.

Can I waive the CFA in order to begin production right away?

Yes. Simply indicate on your order "Waive cutting for approval" and we will begin production without an approved cutting. SFAs can be waived in a similar manner.

How do I calculate how much leather is required for upholstery?

Leather requirements are calculated in square feet, not yards. To calculate how much leather is required to upholster a chair, take the number of yards of fabric required and multiply by 18. i.e. a chair requiring 2 yards of fabric will require 36 square feet of "useable" leather to upholster. Since most leather houses sell leather in 50 -55 sq. ft. hides, you will most likely have to buy 1 hide in this example.

Can I get unused COM/COL returned to me?

Of course. Simply indicate on your order "Return all excess fabric/leather with order" and we will include the balance of your useable fabric/leather with your shipment.

What finishes do you offer?

We have over 150 finishes available to choose from across the three lines of furniture we manufacture. Click here to view our finish selections. Some restrictions apply.

Can I do a custom finish?

Absolutely. Simply provide us with a sample of the finish you desire, and we will in turn create a sample of that finish for your approval. Once you approve our sample, your order will go into production. For lacquer finishes, simply provide the colour swatch of your choice and let us do the rest.

Why are some finishes more expensive than others?

All our finishes are meticulously applied by hand. Some require additional time, care, and attention to detail during the application period. Others are thoroughly distressed and weathered, for a true antiqued appearance and texture. The cost of the various finishes reflects the process required.

What is trim?

Trim is a finish term that refers to "accented highlights" on our furniture. We have 3 standard trims to choose from: Ebony, Gold Leaf, and Silver Leaf. Trim is applied to the carved areas of the frame in order to accent those areas. Trim options are not available for every piece in all 3 of our lines. Upcharges for trims may apply.

Can I do a custom trim?

Yes. Simply provide us with a sample of the trim you would like us to use and we will in turn create a sample for approval. Once you approve our sample, your order will go into production. For lacquer trim, all you need to do is provide your colour swatch.

What is hardware?

Some chairs and case goods have integrated accent hardware on them, such as sabots (metal feet). Hardware options are described where applicable, and are always included in the price. Please specify your choice of hardware with your order.

Can I provide my own custom hardware?

We will do our best to accommodate your custom hardware. If you supply your own drawer pulls or keyholes, we can affix them at no extra charge. Using your supplied hardware to replace integrated elements will rarely work, as these are forged specific to our designs and fitted for each piece.

What are French Nails?

Nail head trim is an option available on selected upholstered products, specified on products where applicable. You are welcome to provide your own nail heads if you like; please indicate this on your order. Upcharges may apply. If nail heads are not selected, we will apply a single (or double) self welt on the chair, whichever is applicable.

Where is your product manufactured?

All our product is hand crafted at our factories in Valencia, Spain and Verona, Italy by traditional artisans that have been carving our designs for decades. Finishes and upholstery are completed by hand in Vancouver, Canada; Los Angeles, USA; or Valencia, Spain.

Where can I see your product in person?

We are represented in over 20 showrooms around the world. Click here to find a showroom near you.

Please Note:

Specific finishes available vary for each product. Upcharges may apply; please contact your showroom or Switzer's help desk to confirm.

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