Crafting the exquisite since 1952

Crafting the exquisite since 1952


Proud Stewards of Refined Living

Switzer Fine Furniture is renowned for creating objects of beauty, expressing both impeccable form and flawless function. A space furnished with Switzer is a room of refinement. Our artisans are guardians of elegance, preserving standards of craftsmanship and aesthetics that would otherwise all but disappear.

Built to Last

We honour fine furniture as a fine art. Guided by established principles of taste and following traditional craftsmanship, we create antique reproductions of furniture that has graced the most stately homes in European history.

In the Limelight

Switzer creations have graced the homes of real royalty and Hollywood royalty. Our respect for their privacy prevents us from sharing many of those details, but screen legend Bette Davis gave us her blessing to include this image of her on her Charles Pollock sofa, 1974.

Making History

During the 1993 Vancouver Summits, Presidents Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin sat in William Switzer Russian Shieldback Armchairs, in English Cherry with gold leaf trim.

We create heirloom pieces built not just to last, but to carry forward the stories within them. Our furniture is the very definition of timeless, keeping history’s most beautiful moments alive.


A European Tradition Continues

Each antique reproduction is handmade in Valencia or Florence, using exotic woods such as Macassar, Ebony and Cotibe. Each artisan has spent decades adapting their eye and perfecting their skills.

The Handmade Touch

In Switzer workrooms, everything is fashioned, fit, and finished by hand. We have had years to develop fingertip intelligence that understands the grain of the wood, the lustre of the polish, and the cut of the cloth.

Tools of our Trade

A respect for tradition, for quality, and for the wood itself dictates our old-world approach to cabinetmaking. There are no nails or screws to hold the frames together—just perfectly shaped pegs and holes bonded with glue.

A Fine Finish in Vancouver, Canada

Frames are received in our Vancouver warehouse, where master finishers complete them to the designer's specs. They are skilled in the traditions of hand-carving, staining, leafing, lacquer, and French polishing—and experts in the lost arts of chinoiserie, marquetry, and inlays.

  • Fashioned, fit, and finished by hand.

  • We specialize in detailed chinoiserie, French polishing, and perfect lacquers.

  • We use only the finest quality materials and supplies.

  • We can match a stain to virtually any existing heirloom.

  • Widely known for our skill in inlays, exotic veneers, and precise marquetry.

  • We are masters of hand-carving and other traditional techniques.

  • Expert craftsmen take pride in the grain of the wood and cut of the cloth.

  • We can match a stain to virtually any existing heirloom.

  • Experts select the right material for every job.

  • Trust your supplied upholstery materials to our practiced hands.

  • Metal leafing is done the same way our great-great-grandfathers did it.

  • Appropriate materials are chosen to cushion the contours of the body.

  • Delicate sanding brings out the fine grain of rare woods.

  • Every step is executed with precision and care.

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