Outside Influences

Outside Influences

Bring Your Outside In

Refine your space with the rarified air of a stately home. These are inspired by William Switzer's personal collection of antiques, curated from sumptuous European palaces.


William Switzer’s Unerring Eye

William Switzer was a designer and antiques connoisseur, legendary for his flawless taste. He reproduced the most arresting examples from his extensive collection, for pieces that bring gracious refinement to contemporary rooms.

"A completed project should not be judged on appearance alone. Design is an ongoing action—it has to be lived with."


Characteristics of a William Switzer model

Past Perfect

William Switzer had an artist's eye for antiques that defined Western Civilization's most elegant and storied periods. The pieces in this collection include meticulous reproductions of the originals.

Exquisite Taste

The William Switzer collection is defined by classic examples of elegance, refinement, and sophistication. While the overall aesthetic encompasses several centuries of changing styles, each piece invariably exudes the fine taste of its time.

World Wonders

The collection comes from his extensive travels throughout Europe. Touring palazzos, villas, and country homes, he sought objects that were exquisitely designed and masterfully executed.

Art of Craft

The William Switzer collection showcases a calibre of workmanship that makes fine furniture a fine art. Detailed handcarving, precise marquetry, and complex inlays are evident in these pieces.

History Preserved

This collection encompasses history's most sumptuous periods and most exquisite objects. From Renaissance to Baroque to Biedermeier, from aristocracy to artisans, the stories live on.

Signature Pieces

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