Outside Influences

Outside Influences

Bring the Spirit of the West Indoors

Casually elegant and well-lived, these weathered furnishings evoke the spirit of the west. Robust in scale, their storied patinas convey relaxed warmth.


Charles Pollock's Intriguing Character

LA designer Charles Pollock had an aversion to the ordinary. He hand-chose these pieces from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries for their intriguing character, then made reproductions—not imitations—modifying proportions for contemporary users and modern spaces.

"I cannot put pieces on the market that are ordinary. They must be interesting and have character."


Eclectic Expressions

Rather than focussing on a specific historic period or cultural influence, Pollock simply challenged furniture to stand out. His collection is defined by an eclectic assortment of objects that he found interesting.

Unique Character

Pollock was legendary for his taste in the unusual. He went out of his way to pursue pieces that were out of the ordinary, and he used their unique features to inspire his new designs.

Artistic Adaptations

Charles Pollock let his favourite antiques inform his designs, but he deliberately made reproductions as opposed to imitations. His furniture has been modified to suit contemporary users and spaces.

Worn and Weathered

Pollock loved to experiment with finishes that made his creations appear weathered by time. His processes can make a brand new piece take on the appearance of an heirloom that has been in the family for centuries.

Spirit of the West

Based in Los Angeles, Pollock was inspired by the relaxed warmth of the west. His robust furniture has been designed with the casual elegance of a California beach house or Colorado ranch in mind.

Signature Pieces

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