Outside Influences

Outside Influences

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Lucien Rollin's creations embody French Moderne's streamlined aesthetic with fluid forms, painstaking proportions, rich wood grains, and simple sophistication.


Lucien Rollin's Perfect Proportions

Crisp, clean lines were inspired by Rollin's architectural training and time spent with Frank Lloyd Wright. More than just soothing to the eye, each piece is a triumph of function—consummate comfort from a perfection of proportions and angles.

"I can only make a good seat after having studied it under every possible angle."


Fluid Grace

Rollin's chairs have lean, continuous lines and high backs. His designs are distinguished by a fluidity, with chair backs seeming to flow from arms or legs.

Metal Accessories

Metal trim is used as an accessory, like touches of jewelry completing the look. Sabots of brass and nickel often grace the legs. Metal bands sometimes feature in the arms.

Luxurious Wood

Rollin's time spent in America instilled a reverence for fine woods, with Brazilian mahogany, oak, walnut, and pearwood giving his work richly grained surfaces, for a luxurious appearance.

New Look

Architect turned furniture designer, Lucien Rollin created original pieces during the French Moderne period. His work was avante-garde and entirely fresh, never attempting to emulate anything from an earlier era.

Bold Form

French Moderne style evolved from Art Deco, but focused on arresting forms. Rollin's shapes are therefore head-turning, sometimes eccentric, with curvilinear profiles. A practiced eye can spot a Rollin design at a glance.

Signature Pieces

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